PARIS: French First Lady Carla Bruni a home-wrecking man-eater?

Carla Bruni Sarkozy (I LOVE THAT NAME!) is being accused of breaking up the marriage of French author Justine Levy and her then husband Raphaël Enthoven and causing them to divorce, and then eloping with the poor, smitten, helpless, bewitched man.
Carla, it is rumoured, went as far as to procreate with Monsieur Enthoven, and their offspring, Aurélien, who is now part of the president Sarkozy’s Elysee posse, Paris’ equivalent of the White House, is eight years old and giving his nanny (nounou) a run for her money.
Levy, latest member of a French literary dynasty to come out with a best seller, is outing Bruni in her latest novel, Bad Girl; and Bruni is said to be hopping mad about it. (Just read the whole thing in The Sunday Times.) The most scandalicious part for me was to learn that Bruni had first dated Enthoven’s father, then dumped the father for the son and then, after having a boy with the son, dumped the son and started shacking up with Sarkozy who is France’s president. YOU JUST CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!
That Carla is something else, isn’t she? Wish I had looks and powers like that. In addition to First Lady (Premiere Dame) she’s been dubbed croqueues d’hommes by the French people and that apparently means, “man eater.”
home-wrecking, home-wrecking, machine!
Yea! She’s a man-eater! Go girl.