NEW YORK: In New York, inheritances are off the table in divorce but not so in London?

Really quickly, inheritances are off the table when you get divorced in New York, unless you “commingled’ the assets with marital property. So when you get divorced, if your spouse’s wealth is mainly from an bequest or devise or he or she was an heir to a fortune, forget about getting your “equitable share.” You are not entitled to squat.

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courtesy of Julie70, Flickr

But in England, that might be different. I was just reading about this high profile divorce in London between Tory guru Zac Goldsmith and his wife Sheherazade. The couple have been married ten years and he is accused of carrying on a fling with the sister of his brother’s wife, an heiress named Alice Rothschild? And his wife wants out. They have been living separately, she in Devon with their three children and he¬†with his mother Lady Annabel.
The important point of all that, though, is that he inherited about $300 million pounds from his billionaire father, Sir James Goldsmith and now, the papers are saying that his wife could be entitled to half that, or $150 million pounds. Which is like, wow. Lucky her. She should thank her lucky stars she doesn’t live in New York cause she wouldn’t get her grubby little paws on any of that.