Is Courtney Cox's "Cougar Town" an insult to today's divorcees?

I love Courtney and Jen and all those forty something women in Hollywood who make 40 look so delicious. But I’ve read a few reviews of Courtney’s new sitcom Cougartown that make it sound like it stereotypes women over 40 who are divorced as being “desperate” and slightly “ridiculous” for humping around with much younger men.
My big question is why aren’t producers making shows about grandfathers who date their great grand daughters and have being doing so since whappee killed phillip? Yet women are now confident enough and look good enough to snag a man a few years younger and entire industries and brand images are spawned as a result? What is that? Look at all those powerful men in Hollywood and Silicon Valley and Wall Street and all over the bloody place who are shagging and marrying women up to 35 years their junior. Look at fricking Woody Allen, for crying out loud. Why isn’t that being parodied?
And the most disturbing thing to me is that it is women who are often most critical of other women, than men even are. Men are obviously going to be threatened by women who they discarded and ignored and dismissed as old hags but who in fact can and do attract the attention of men young enough to be their sons. Men want and need to have the final say about a woman’s sexual appeal. It’s their show and they like it that way. So when women render men useless and unnecessary by striking out on their own and doing their thing and dating younger men, I can totally understand the ego-bruise that results in. And so I can appreciate snide, jealous remarks coming from men. But I don’t get it when other women are that catty and dismissive and critical. Why is a woman who is over 40 and utterly still in her prime and thinner and shapelier and in better shape than women half her age, why is she a “cougar” for dating a man chronologically younger? What’s the big deal?
And certainly, women recently divorced and who still “got it” why the heck should they sit on the sideline and grow grey to make the rest of miserable society feel better about their sorry lives where they set their own bars so low for themselves?
Look, I am all for women being the best they can be, staying in shape, staying healthy, looking great, and you know what? If a man who is, say, 10-15 years younger thinks you are hot and you think he’s hot, GO FOR IT!
I mean, I…personally, I….you know, I don’t know if I have the guts or the goods to be a “cougar.” But see, I have belly fat. And I’m old fashioned and I like my man to be older and taller and smarter and stoic, and physically stronger, and more successful than me.  But, you know, who knows what the future holds? I could lose my belly fat and dye my hair blonde (hahahahahhahahahha :)) and then, it’s like watch out! (You dont’ know how funny that is)
But. Seriously. Leave 40 something divorcees alone. And no more ridicule and making fun of this demographic. I mean, I’m sure being a cougar at 40 sure beats dating a guy in his 70’s (what would you call him? Oh. That’s right. A great grand father!!!) who will need all this time out to catch his breath and pop his viagra….Viagra is a tablet, right?