Divorce a growing problem in the Bible Belt – what the hay is going on?

I can’t remember where I saw this, but I read an article recently about the increasing rate of divorces in the Bible Belt and southern states as compared to the more progressive, liberal, northern, blue states. First of all, which states encompass the Bible Belt? Let me see if I can Google this and find out. Hang on….wow….”the Bible Belt predominantly includes those states that were slave states before the American Civil War” (Wikipedia). Oh, really?  oKAy….Hme… Got it now. So in places like Indiana, Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Virgina…these are deep Bible Belt country, baby. And they have a disproportionately high rate of divorce when compared to the rest of the country.
I wonder why? I mean, these are big time church goers, right? Isn’t marriage fundamentally biblical? I remember reading in the Bible years ago that “the Lord thy God hates divorce.” Hates it. I couldn’t tell you the passage. It was a thing I accidentally stumbled upon when I opened the Bible randomly.
But I say that to say that the whole point of the existence of someone in the Bible Belt is this whole thing with religion and the Bible and God and right/wrong and not fornicating and no abortion and NO DIVORCE, right?
So how does one explain this, like, conflicting fact that they have the highest rate of divorce? I mean, I am experiencing a high level of consternation with this, and I’m scratching my head wondering how to square the facts with the facts. How does the Bible Belt have the highest rate of divorce in the country???
And by the way, is divorce a sin? I did a post on that last year. Check it out. http://www.divorcesaloon.com/is-divorce-a-sin  Wonder what those Bible Belters would have to say about that?
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