BROOKLYN: Divorce and Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov – soon to be owner of the NETS

Seems I’ve been writing about Russian billionaires and divorce a lot lately, haven’t I? What’s up with that? First there was the Dmitri Rybolovlev divorce. Then it was the Roman Abramovich situation and now, the Russian billionaire of Russian billionaires – Mikhail Prokhorov – the supposedly richest man in Russia, gets tangled up in a discussion about divorce.
Oh, but relax. He’s never married.  But he supposedly made this bet when he was a kid that he’d be married by 42 (he’s now 44) so a couple of years ago, according to the always reliable New York Post, he was to marry an unnamed gal and divorce her  a week later. He was supposedly planning a “$10 million dollar wedding.” At the time he was dating supermodel Naomi Campbell (yes, that one who likes to decapitate the hired help when they piss her off) but there was never a marriage. So correspondingly, no divorce.
But he’s fixing to purchase the Nets basketball team. And guess what? They’re moving to Brooklyn! OMG. Should I start going to Net games?!
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