How important, if at all, are pheromones in preventing divorce?

A commenter made a comment on our divorce blog a few days back that got me to thinking about pheromones. And it just so happens that in this month’s copy of Women’s Health Magazine I was reading an article entitled, “Is the alpha male in danger of extinction” and to a large extent, I think he is. But this is a bad thing in my view, although the author of the article (I have no idea who the author is, sorry!) seemed to suggest that somehow that is a good thing. How can that be a good thing? Times were that a man used to be unapologetically masculine and male and happy to lead and be the head of the home and provide for his wife and family and see it as his duty and his pride. And things were good for families in this country. Marriages were stable. Children had a mother and a father. 
Things are different now. And for some, change is good. But I think the changes have not all been good for marriage. And the emasculation of men, the feminization of them is totally bad. We need the ying and yang.
The balance of nature. It wasn’t meant to be that both genders play the same role in a relationship. That is confusing and if that is what folks want, then everybody should just be in a same sex relationship. Now. There’s nothing wrong with same sex relationships. They seem just perfectly fine. It’s just that, we need balance. And certainly in heterosexual relationships, we need the phermorones. Otherwise watch as we extinct ourselves in under 50 years. And just forget marriage. Notwithstanding the ban on same sex marriages, what really would be the point of it if everybody was just eschewing the pheromones thingy and hooking up with their own kind? And where’s the fun in that, quite seriously?
The tragicomedy of the thing is that the alpha male can swing too much to one side too. And then he is violent and obnoxious in the home and the marriage doesn’t work either. So even there, balance is needed. But a lot of the confusion that exist between the sexes, a lot of the resentment, a lot of failed marriages that litter the streets, can be directly traced to this pheromone issue. To save marriage, more of today’s men will literally have to start to (forgive me if this is painful) but they will have to start to MAN UP. Be the man for god’s sakes. Get more testosterone. Allow women to be women again. And there will be less divorces. I’m serious. I mean, honestly. Sometimes I survey the whole situation we are in on this planet and I wonder to myself just what the phock is really going on up in this place. You know? I say to myself, “is it birth control pills?” Something is really messing up the hormones and the pheromones (especially in men) and it will have tragic consequences I’m telling you now. It will have tragic consequences.