Was divorce good for Jennifer Aniston's career?


I found this slightly abnoxious article in the New York Post about Jen Aniston and I couldn’t resist blogging about it on this divorce blog even though I was so irritated by it. The article is called:

‘Love’ or money?

For single gal Jennifer Aniston, staying solo may fare better for her bank account

Well, first of all, I thought the person who wrote this piece is unfeeling, mean and harsh towards this human being for no justifiable reason. Second of all, I found the suggestion that her career is going well because people feel sorry for her totally insulting and utterly preposterous. I think her career is doing well because it is doing well. She works hard and she puts out good work that people are interested in seeing. Period. She is relatable. She is the girl next door. She is human, approachable and real. That is what her appeal is. Not her divorce from Brad. Shut that nonsense down right now, Sir.
I can totally see if the first movie she did after the divorce had done unusually well, that it could have been attributed to her divorce and people being curious or feeling empathy for her. But it’s been almost five years and nobody was going to spend $15 on a movie just because they feel sorry for the actress. Especially if there was no merit or substance to the movie, when they have so many other choices.
Besides, Jen has had a few movies in there that didn’t do all that well at the box office, post divorce. So what is the excuse or explanation? What? Folks forgot to go into “oh I’m so sorry for her” mode and so they didn’t go  to see the movie?  Gimme a break. Folks see those movies that they like and they don’t see others they don’t like. It has nothing to do with sympathy or pity for Jennifer Aniston.
I resent the way the author of that piece dismissed this woman’s work and attributed it in a back hand way to Brad Pitt. That is unfair. I am certain that Jennifer is over Brad Pitt and the last thing she wants is people’s “pity” votes. She breaks her butt and works hard and she wants to be appreciated for that. That’s my hunch.  As far as her divorce from Brad? And her subsequent break ups with guys like John whateverthehellhislastnameis, she’s over it. Sure, she’s made some boo boos by hooking up with some real losers like what’shisname.
But so what? Which of us aren’t sometimes bad at picking em? That does not make her any more pathetic than anyone else. Oh, and now she gets to apologize for building her dream house? Now she is dismissed as a “one creepy, Goth mansion away from turning into Miss Havisham”? I’m sorry but that’s just mean. MEAN!!!!!
Let the girl move on with her life. She has done exceptionally well under the circumstances. When I look at her at how fresh-faced she is, how Zen she seems, I am amazed quite frankly. She is a strong Greek woman I’m telling you now. She is strong. The last 5 years would have broken a weaker woman. But not Jen. And not for nothing, but I always say, take a look at what the last five years have done to Brad. It is unbelievable. If I didn’t know better, that he was blissfully happy with Angelina and the kids, I could swear he was abysmally miserable and depressed and feeling like there is no point to living. He looks like hell. I don’t know if he is prepping for a movie, but he is grey, aged, weathered and does not look happy at all! But I gotta say, this period has been good for his career. He can’t line up the roles fast enough – whether he is right for the part or not. He is totally cashing in on this time, and even the birth of his kids is a financial bonanza. How come the author of the Post article missed this fact?
Leave Jennifer alone. She’s just a single girl trying to do the best she can with the lot life has given her. And it’s not a bad lot. And just you wait. She’ll find love too. She’ll have her cake and eat it. And then, she will have her kids.
Go Jen!
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