Jamie Czerniawski's divorce demonstrates the dangers of text messages

Here’s a soon to be divorced woman whose endorphins are raging out of control!
Jamie Czerniawski is enjoying new celebrity due to some racy, blush-inducing text messages she sent to her paramour apparent. Jamie was a contestant on “wife swap” in case you ever saw her on it (I haven’t; no  tv). But. So. That means she is MARRIED!!! Yet, she is accused by her husband who recently filed for divorce, of sending some xrated text messages to FDNY firefighter Michael Biserta of Brooklyn ladder co 131. (Biserta’s a major stud muffin, this one. You should see his pics that were taken for a calendar or video or something – he nearly lost his jobs they were so smoking….not that I would want my man posing like this or anything. I wouldn’t. But he is definitely hot.)
In any event. Jamie, in addition to this alleged text adultery, is accused of stabbing her husband. Hubby dearest is saying he thinks she was trying to kill him. I wonder if, assuming that is true, she tried to kill him so that she could be with the stud muffin fire fighter? FIRE-FIGHTERS are definitely alpha males and so, I totally get it. I really do.
Toe curls.
In any event. texting is VERY dangerous. Especially when you are married and you are not texting your spouse, but in fact are texting a paramour. DO NOT USE YOUR TEXT/PHONE TO CONDUCT YOUR ADULTEROUS TRYSTS. They are totally admissable in divorce. It will embarass you. Don’t do it. I mean, did you hear the things that girl was telling this man when she had a husband? It was off the charts, almost too grown up for me! I was like, whoa!!! And the thing is, if he was saying it to her, it wouldn’t even be so, like, embarassing. She was saying it to him!
She goes: “”I want to let you know just how f- – -ing bad I wanna f- – – you right now!!!! Can you get out??” (according to the New York Post, ALLEGEDLY, OKAY?) I’m just like…. that’s pretty primal, isn’t it? Usually the man says that, right? I mean, OMG.
Too much. Too, too much!!!