LOS ANGELES: Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom do some divorce planning, pre-nuptial style

[GSMITHBOOK] I can’t believe I’m blogging about Khloe Kardashian. Is this girl a celebrity yet? I’ve heard of her sister Kim who had that sex video and is dating that ball player what’shisface. And I have heard of the reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians. But is Khloe also famous?
In any event, being as that was a strictly rhetorical question, I suspect that Khloe is rich because I read that she was paid $1million dollars by a TV network to broadcast her wedding to ball player Lamar Odom. Can you imagine that? One million dollars. And they tell me there is a recession. What a load of bs. It is the most unadulterated, purest load of buffalo shizo I’ve ever heard, actually.
In any event, the prenup. Seems Khloe and her hubby to be are having prenup issues. He apparently, to my shock, just signed a $30 million dollar contract with the….hang on….with the…..LA Lakers. LA Lakers?! Isn’t that the team with Kobe Bryant? This guy, this Khloe’s husband is a major star or something?! Oh. my. word. I feel so ignorant.
Okay. Well, so, the prenup. New York Post Page Six is reporting that the Kardashian/Odom wedding that took place reportedly this weekend, is really a placebo. Odom is not signing on for a real wedding till Khloe signs the prenup, limiting the bite she takes out of his $30 million Laker apple, in the unlikely event this thing doesn’t work out.
To my utter shock, the paper also stated that Khloe’s father (who might live with her and other Kardashians) did not know about the nuptials till he heard it on the radio.
But obviously, this marriage is going to last. So it doesn’t matter if daddy knew about it or not – or even if he’s invited to the wedding. And this thing with the pre/post nup. It’s all good. And yes, Lamar. It is also enforceable. Didn’t CEO George David almost enforce his post nuptial agreement he made out with Countess Marie Douglas David? Just make sure it is properly executed, in the manner of a deed, properly witnessed, notarized and all that. And you will be good to go.
But yea. One million dollars. To Khloe Kardashian. For her wedding photos. What a country, eh?