Sarah Palin's memoir "Going Rogue: An American Life" will likely deflect divorce rumors

Anchorage Alaska
Former governor of Alaska and Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin is coming out with her memoir on November 17, 2009, months ahead of the original target date, according to her publishers Harper Collins. More than likely, the release date was pushed up to coincide with Ms. Palin’s abrupt resignation as governor of Alaska. Approximately 1.5 million copies of the book are slated for release in November and I suspect that the publisher will have no trouble whatsoever unloading every last one. (It ain’t gonna be like my books which  could barely sell 20,000 copies I can assure you.)
Palin has been a polarizing figure since she burst on the scene in 2008 when John McCain plucked her from obscurity. Many of her comments, including that her foreign policy creds were bolstered by Alaska’s proximity to Russia (from across the Bering Straits) made her the butt of late night jokes. Her family was put through the ringer especially her 18 year old daughter Bristol who chose to have her out of wedlock baby rather than have an abortion.
A couple of months ago, the hottest news out of Alaska was that Sarah Palin and her husband Todd were having marital trouble and that they were likely going to divorce. The blogger who broke that news, a teacher in Alaska, even lost his job (allegedly) as a result (cause it was alleged that he lied and made the whole thing up.)
Well, whatever the truth of the matter may be (god knows I have no time to go in search of it), I will bet you that at least one chapter in Sarah’s book will be about her marriage (her happy marriage) to Todd Palin. It will have tons of color snapshots of the two of them fishing in Lake Susan. No, wait. It’s not Susan. Is it Lucille? Lake Lucille? Hang on…..yea, Lake Lucille….One look at those pictures will deflect any and all notions that the Palins are in any way thinking or ever thought about, DIVORCE.
Boy. 1.5 million books. Somebody tell me. How can I sell even 150,000 of any one of my three books? I’d pay money to find out how to do that….Oh. I know. I got this formulae: Run for governor. Win. Have a hot, alpha male husband who hunts and kills and cleans up nice. Be a hockey mom. Wear Lipstick so you can differentiate yourself from a pitbull. Be nominated for vice president. Lose. Quit the governorship for no rhyme or reason. Get on the bad side of your daughter’s lover/grandson’s father. Sue a couple of people for saying you’re getting divorced. Then come out with your books. It can’t not be a best seller. It can’t not be.
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