Divorce police should arrest Jon Gosselin for his divorce crimes

Divorce Police should arrest Jon Gosselin for divorce crimes
Just occurred to me that Jon Gosselin should be arrested for his divorce crimes, including the international womanizing, bad-mouthing Kate on National TV, putting the children in a negative light and this final “delaying the divorce” thingy. What is that about? Why is he delaying the divorce? I got a call over the weekend from one of the gossip magazines about that. I think it was InTouch Weekly. But it may have been another one. She asked me what legal strategies could he be entertaining by “delaying” the divorce. I was stumped quite frankly. I just think Jon is an attention-seeking child/man who is acting very erratically at the moment. And a lock-down in divorce prison might straighten him out pretty quick.
Shackle him. And only feed him raw asparagus for 14 days.
omg, I just saw the article in InTouch Weekly. It definitely had a quote from me, but it was more of a misquote in a weird way! Oh my god those celebs are telling the truth when they say they have been misquoted!!! Read the email I sent to In Touch Weekly and then read the article and tell me that is not a misquote?! Oh my god!!!
Hello A___

Thanks again for your inquiry. As I stated, I can’t really think of a legal/strategic reason for Jon’s delay tactics. When I consider the big three issues in the average contested divorce – grounds, custody and equitable distribution – I come up with a blank as to what his reasons might be. If I had to speculate, I think he may be doing one of the following:
1) maybe something in the prenup is time sensitive and he’s buying time.
2) he could be trying to gather his witnesses and evidence to prove Kate unfit as a custodial parent. (For example, maybe he’s planning to argue that she is mentally incompetent and mentally unstable in some way). If that is the case, his attorneys will likely be working on motions to put before the court to force court to be psychologically evaluated. As I stated to you on the phone, in a contested custody action, both parties pretty much put their mental health on the table and the court can order evaluations based on the demand for such by either side. However, usually, there has to have been a history of mental illness – depression, anorexia, suicidal tendencies, abuse of drugs, schizophrenia, and all other pathologies………
3) it could also be that Kate’s lawyers have asked for Jon to submit to psychological evaluations, drug tests or different test to prove that he’s fit to be a custodial parent.
4) As I stated, I don’t think this is a delay about “grounds” for the divorce. Pennsylvania is basically “no fault.” That means that as long as both parties want the divorce, nothing else need to be proven. If one of the parties does not consent to the divorce, however, then they could conceivably have a trial over grounds to prove adultery, cruelty, or any of the other grounds allowed under Pennsylvania law. That could take time to put together witnesses and gather evidence.
5) It could also be that Jon is trying to find new legal counsel. There was some reports in the press that his prior attorney asked to be relieved as counsel of record. That would obviously delay things a bit.
6) Delaying won’t affect his financial position. Nothing earned after the divorce case was filed in court (purchasing of the index number) is on the table as far as equitable distribution. So he can delay for the next ten years. Only what was actually earned during the marriage is a marital asset and that is all that is on the table to be split during the divorce between the two of them.
1) buying time to get new counsel
2) being erratic to annoy Kate and keep the press guessing
3) being sentimenal about something such as an anniversary or birthday he wants to pass before proceeding with the divorce
I hope this helps with your article. If you do quote me on any of this, please use the following signature: _____________________
okay now read the “quote” in In Touch Weekly and tell me that it doesn’t distort what I said!