UNITED KINGDOM: tycoon Scot Young accused of faking the crazies to avoid paying alimony

Multi-millionaire Scot Young is in the infirmary for the mentally unwell, in London. He apparently invoked the Mental Health Act and checked himself into the hospital after the High Court of London ordered him to produce an accounting of his 400 million pound fortune which he claims “disappeared” right as soon as his wife filed for divorce. The court was so unpersuaded by Mr. Young’s cavils that he was suddenly broke that the court threatened to throw him into prison for six months unless he came up with an accounting of the missing dough which, by law, he has to split with his wife.
Poor Scot took the threat of jail to heart and had a break-down. But his wife and her legal team are not buying it. They say he’s faking the apparent crack up, mild though it may be, and they want the judge to jail the tycoon. The judge is definitely waffling, I think. Originally, Scot was to be thrown into the slammer in September 7. But the judge adjourned the case till November to give Mr. Young one more chance to account for the cash.
Mr. Young’s wife’s luxury home has fallen into arrears and so has the tuition fees for his children meanwhile. Poor guy. Maybe he should take out a promissory note from one of those Russian billionaires: Rybolovlev, Abramovich, or the other cutie pie who bought the New York Nets basketball team, Prokhorov. Otherwise, homeboy’s gonna be waking up in a cold cell in Manchester (or where-ever the dickens England keeps its prisons) and I bet you that is a far cry from the luxury country estates he’s used to cavorting in with all the pretty young things all over the United Kingdom.