Your spouse asked for a divorce even though you have multiples (babies, that is)?

What to do when you have multiples and your spouse asks for a divorce?
You must have a lot of days filled with melancholy, at best, if you’ve been served with divorce papers and you have, like triplets (or more children from a multiple birth) to care for. I mean, honestly, as a human being, I don’t understand that. I think it should be illegal to seek a divorce after a successful multiple pregnancy involving 3 or more babies.
Jon and Kate. I don’t even want to discuss it. I think my visceral reaction to the whole thing (considering I’ve never seen the show) is the kids. ALL THOSE KIDS! How do you leave all those kids????
Luckily for the Gosselins, there were so many of them, it was interesting and so they are able to make money from it, people enjoy watching and gaping as if they are at the zoo looking at exotic creatures. And I say that with all due respect not to say that the Gosselins are animals in a zoo, but to say that at the zoo, people are fascinated with beautiful, exotic creatures and so they pay money to stand and just look at them. And in a similar vein, the Gosselins and their kids are just fascinating and beautiful and exotic (so many of them at once!) and so folks like to look and the Gosselins are able to command millions of dollars per year because of it. Whereas, if Kate had had triplets, who would care? The world would be completely indifferent.
That is what makes it so hard for the average parent of multiples. Because most folks will have just plain old twins. Who cares? There is only one set of Olsen twins and that story’s been told. That train has left the station. God forbid you managed to get yourself impregnated with more than two- like three or even four. It is still an indifferent world. That’s been done, who cares? All you have is your spouse and your family, and occasionally, a friend for a few hours to help you out, babysit so you can sit quietly for 10 minutes and pluck the hairs from your nostrils which are hanging out nearly to your upper lip but you just haven’t had time to groom yourself on account of having all these kids – even with the help of your spouse.
And then this person comes home and tells you he/she wants a divorce? And the kids are not even five yet?! Are you kidding me? Where’s the shot gun? No, I’m serious. Where is it? hahahhahahahaha 🙂 Okay. Breathe out. This is just a hypothetical Brenda. This is not really happening. It’s okay. Breathe…….
Ok. Ok.
But. But. 
What if this does happen to someone? What if this is happening to you? I mean, what do you do? I don’t know what I would do. What would you do? You know? I mean, there is only one Kate Gosselin. What would you do????