Alec Baldwin's book about divorce, A Promise to Ourselves, hits shelves – by New York Divorce Attorney

apromistoourselvesSt. Martin’s Press has just come out with Alec Baldwin’s paperback, A promise to Ourselves, A Journey through Fatherhood and divorce.It is about his divorce from Kim Bassinger and his experience as father of his daughter, Ireland. Alec has fought hard to have a place in his daughter’s life after his divorce from Kim – a particularly “protracted” affair/blood bath if memory serves correctly. It seems like it took years for Baldwin and Bassinger to simmer down and start to approach the end of their marriage with a modicum of… shall I say this?…..with a modicum of…..temperance.
Alec came under strong criticism a few years ago for calling his daughter Ireland a “little pig.” It apparently happened because he was having some trouble exercising his “parenting time” and “visitation” with his daughter. He became incensed and lost his temper and somehow the media got a hold of the taped message, and it was fodder. Very embarrassing for him, I’m sure. But the two have since made up and are working on their relationship.
According to the ABA Journal, Alec has said that his divorce from Kim Bassinger cost them both approximately $3 million dollars. That’s right. $3 million.
Now as a divorce attorney, you know I am sitting here scratching my head, right? I mean, how does a divorce cost $3 million dollars? And where can I find the type of clients who are willing to pay me that kind of retainer? That is an obscene amount of money to spend on a divorce. By any standard.  Seriously. No divorce should cost that much. But that is what can happen when the parties insist on getting their pound of flesh. That is why I always say, divorcing couples need to take a measured approach to ending their marriage. Protracted divorces are very, very expensive.
by New York Divorce Attorney