Art Folsom (a Denver divorce attorney on occassion) gets biggest case of his career – criminal attorneys are horrified

Art Folsom is an attorney practicing in Denver who, according to the Wall Street Journal, has handled the “odd” divorce case – which I guess would make him the “odd” divorce attorney. But he’s come into this media storm on account of the fact that he’s now representing Najibullah Zazi, who is “accused by the U.S. government of plotting to build and detonate a lethal explosive as part of an active al Qaeda cell.” He says his client is innocent.

Flickr pic by  monaxle's photostream
Flickr pic by monaxle's photostream

Other criminal attorneys across the country are horrified that this “odd” divorce attorney has one of the biggest cases in criminal defense in decade with emphasis on “terrorism.” I am sitting here wondering, “what is the big deal?” So what if this guy oddly practices divorce law and now is defending a criminal defendant? Nothing in the law says that an attorney can’t do that? Once you have a law degree, you can take ANY legal matter so long as you are a member of that state’s bar, correct? Besides, it’s not even as if the attorney Folsom is getting paid. The client apparently has no money – which, frankly confuses me as to why all these defense attorneys seem so jealous of the fact that Folsom got the case and not them. Is it the publicity they want for their law firms? I mean, I’m sitting here wondering what motivation would I have to accept a case like that, which is clearly out of my “league” when I’m not even getting paid? Except for the publicity? Especially if he wins? I guess then he will get all these other clients who can pay and then, he would have gained a lot more than he lost by representing this individual free of charge? I mean, I don’t know. I am confused as to what the rationale is.
But what slightly cracks me up is the fact that according to the Wall Street Journal report:

“amid the hubbub, Mr. Folsom has his own legal problems. He was charged this summer with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, a petty offense that carries a small fine. He says the pot belonged to a friend. A pretrial conference is set for mid-October.”

Why is that clap your hands hilarious? I mean, it’s bad enough this guy’s a divorce attorney getting into this criminal practice fray. But he’s been charged with drug possession? That’s good stuff. That’s a friggin movie, man. I luv it. I mean, I’m sitting here wondering if I’d ever be crazy enough to pull something like this guy. It seems slightly off the charts if you think about it.
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