New York divorce attorney why only billionaires should contest a divorce

It’s a rainy Friday Morning and I am listening to WKCR, NYC – John Coltrane on Tenor tracks After the rain. And meanwhile, I am thinking about billionaires. And divorce. Of course. And it occurs to me that only billionaires should contest divorces. I don’t see what’s in it for anybody else, except huge bills from your attorney. See, that is what lay people don’t understand about divorce. It’s expensive. Sure, you want your pound of flesh, you’re angry, you want blood. But divorce costs a lot of money. I mean, you can always accuse your attorney of malpractice to get out of paying the bills, but unless you prove it (and chances are your attorney did not commit malpractice but you are raising this to try to alleviate the situation of paying the bills), you still have to pay the bill or get your credit messed up. Who needs that?
I say, unless you’re a billionaire, people should make a pact to have an amicable divorce. Be reasonable. Part as friends. Mediate the case instead of litigate. That’s another option. Or better yet,¬†stay married and get counseling and see if that helps. It is really the most economical choice when you really get right down to it.
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