The Letterman sexgate files will not lead to sexual harassment charges or divorce

If Erin Geiger Smith is correct (and the Wall Street Journal too) Dave Letterman may not have to worry about anything with respect to his late night sexgate chronicles.
Geiger Smith, who, I assume, is an attorney, opined on her blog that any and all sexual harassment claims that occurred prior to 2006, are barred by laches. That means, the victim would have “slept on her rights” for too long and the statute of limitations would have run. (In New York, sexual harassment has a 3 year statute of limitations according to Geiger Smith.)

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Also interesting from Geiger Smith’s post referenced above, is that Dave’s son was born in about 2003. And we know he married in 2009 cause I remember blogging about it here: And his relationship with Stephanie Birkitt ended in 2003. But I am almost positive that I read that he and Lasko were dating since the 80’s?……. Does that mean he was cheating on her with Birkitt? It would harldly be stunning, if so. Even so, however, cheating on the girlfriend is not the same as cheating on the wife. The consequences are totally different both from a legal and moral point of view. That means, that at least with respect to Birkitt, there was no adultery if Geiger Smith has her dates right. So his wife, Lasko, is unlikely to be able to make out an adultery claim against the funny honcho – assuming she is thinking about filing for divorce here in New York.
But wouldn’t it be funny if they have a prenup? And there is a clause in there about cheating in it? And that he did in fact cheat on her after marriage? And she was able to prove it? There could be, you know. And the parties in a prenuptial agreement can stipulate that if there is cheating, the wronged party would get a financial payout if a divorce ensues. In which case, Dave may still have some hiccups to clear. But at least, with respect to the issue of sexgate/sexual harassment, it looks like he may not have anything to worry about – lucky for the aging hot pants.
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