Who are the best divorce lawyers in New York? by New York divorce attorney

According to
New York Magazine the “big boys and gals” of divorce in New York are as follows:
Allan Mantel
Altan Abramowitz
Hal Mayerson
Michael Stutman
Peter Bodnar
Lydia Malone
Myrna Felder
John Zulack
Judith Siegal Baum
Robert Zeif…
And a whole bunch of others. But I got bored going through the list. I don’t know any of these people. Plus, I’m slightly jealous because I didn’t make the list. I don’t charge enough per hour. My carpets aren’t that thick. But I am surprised Rauol Felder wasn’t on the list.  I have heard he was top dog in New York for divorce. Guess he’s been slipping? Although his wife made it. Which I guess is good enough for him.  I should call up New York Magazine and find out why I’m not on the list. Must be an oversight. So here’s my contact info in the interim:
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