Are you Rich? Own more than a million in assets and looking for a divorce attorney?


are you rich
Are you rich and looking for a divorce lawyer?

Are you rich? How rich are you? Are you getting divorce? Do you need a specific lawyer who handles rich people’s divorce? An attorney in Connecticut¬† David R. used to advertise for clients who “own more than $1 million in assets.”¬† I thought that was a brilliant move on his part for more reasons than one. So I just thought I’d give him a shout out. He describes himself as “aggressive counsel.” Chances are, with that much in assets, somebody’s going to need a counsel who is aggressive, for sure.
But is it necessary to get a divorce lawyer who specializes with representing rich clients? Maybe. Because the rich to have special concerns and special needs and they expect a certain level of service that not all divorce lawyers can provide – especially if they are mom and pop shops whose clients usually are working class and need just an uncontested divorce with no property to divide. It is a different type of case and takes a different type of expertise.
So, are you rich? Don’t despair if you don’ live in Connectticut. There are divorce lawyers out there other than that guy who caters to the rich. Read here for a list of some of divorce lawyers for rich clients.
If you are in New York, contact us for a referral.
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