PENNSYLVANIA: Did Jon Gosselin dissipate $200,000 from marital bank accounts? That is contempt of court!

cashOkay. Jon Gosselin has lost his mind according to People Magazine. He withdrew $200,000 from joint bank accounts he shares with his soon to be ex wife Kate according to published reports. Also, according to reports, the court had enjoined both parties from removing any assets, including cash from bank accounts, without the express authorization of the other party. If this is all true, then Jon is in contempt of court for removing money from said accounts without Kate’s permission. They may need to give Kate a constructive trust whereby she is the only one with access to these accounts during the pendency of the divorce action. I mean, at the rate at which he’s going, Jon may completely dissipate the entire marital estate and leave Kate and the kids homeless. Didn’t I just do a post about when divorce leaves you and the kids homeless? Kate should read it. Here:
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