GEORGIA: Usher delays signing off on divorce papers to sell his new single?

by pics Flickr
by pics Flickr

Rolling Stone is saying that Usher’s new single “Papers” is about his divorce papers from his estranged wife, Tameka Foster. His next album is rumored to drop in December and the title is tentatively Raymond v. Raymond. According to OK Magazine, however, Usher is refusing to sign off on the divorce papers from his wife, who is rumored to be the one itching to “move on with her life.” That is interesting since he was the plaintiff (He filed in Superior Court in Atlanta) and made no qualms about the fact that he was over the marriage to Tameka.
Is his refusal to sign off on the papers really a marketing ploy to sell more records? Obviously, by refusing to sign, he stirs up press and controversy and then people become interested in gawking again, and next thing you know, the publicity increases the amount of records he sells. Or so the theory goes.
Ostensibly, it could just be that he is having second thoughts about the divorce (sort of like Jon Gosselin) and really wants to reconcile with his wife. But it shouldn’t come as a complete shock if it is really about the business of selling records, stirring up the press and making the gossip-mongering public hungry for all things Usher – especially the sordid details of the divorce straight from the horses mouth.
Coy. Very coy, Mr. Raymond. But I guess it’s a creative way to turn your lemons into lemonade.