ALASKA: Child visitation woes with Palins leads Levi Johnston to pose for Playgirl Magazine

The Associated Press just came out with a report that Sarah Palin’s ex almost son in law Levi Johnston has inked a deal to pose nude for Playgirl Magazine which I believe they said was an online vehicle. sarah palin
Since the debacle of John McCain’s run for president, Levi and the Palins have been on the outs. It makes you wonder what would have happened if John had won and Sarah was Vice President. Would he have gone ahead and married Bristol? Would they have divorced in the White House?
Anyways. According to the Associated Press reports:

Publication of the photographs could be a source of embarrassment for Palin, often mentioned as a possible 2012 presidential candidate. Her memoir, “Going Rogue,” will be published next month and pre-sales already have made it a national best seller.
Just after Sen. John McCainchose Palin as his running matein August 2008, Johnston was thrust into the national spotlight when Palin abruptly announced her unwed daughter was pregnant and the couple would marry.
The couple broke up after the birth of their son, Tripp, in December. The relationship between the Palins and Johnston since then has often been strained, mostly over visitation issues. (Emphasis added).

Poor Tripp. He gets to grow up and see this mess. If I were Tripp I’d divorce my dad by the time I turn five just for that one move alone. Posing in Playgirl. Are you kidding me?………But I’m sure Bristol will go after some of the loot for child support.

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