MONACO: Is Princess Caroline of Monaco getting a divorce from her 3rd husband?

Vanity Fair Magazine is reporting that there may be trouble in the paradise of the marriage of Princess Caroline of Monaco. So is the Daily Mail and you can find the story here:
Princess Caroline, eldest daughter of the late Princess Grace and Prince Rainier of Monaco, has been married to Prince Ernst of Hanover and according to reports, the two fifty-somethings have been living separate lives. “‘It looks like the end,’ said a source at French magazine Point de Vue, which specialises in European royal families,” asserts the Daily Mail.
This latest divorce is being explained as the manifestation of a “curse” that was placed on the Grimaldi family back in the 13th Century by a witch which warned that no Grimaldi would have a successful marriage. I guess if you believe in that sort of stuff you might accept it as an explanation for why all the Grimaldi children seem to fail at marriage and relationships.
But I suspect it’s just natural wear and tear. The princess and her current husband have been married for about a decade. (He, btw, is an heir to the British throne and is cousin to Queen Elizabeth.) He’s been rumored to have all these issues and problems, including alleged violent episodes with photographers, excessive drinking and, what else? Well, all sorts of “boorish behavior.” Read here:
What can I say? I am sure they had some sort of prenup. He is worth, reportedly, about 400 million pounds and she is worth close to a billion dollars. I am certain folks like this have an air tight prenup and if in fact a divorce does manifest, there will be no messy equitable distribution battles in the courts of the principality…..I hope.