NORTH CAROLINA: John Edwards' love child with Rielle Hunter…what are you people talking about?!

I was over at Anderson Cooper’s blog AC360 and I’m just like, what-you- talkin-bout-Anderson? John Edwards is the father of Rielle Hunter’s little girl? And he denied it? Although, I guess it isn’t such a big surprise. I mean, what was he to say, “hey, America, I’ve been running for president and I kinda soughta met this girl and got her pregnant and my wife has cancer so I am waiting for her to die and then I will marry the girl and admit I am the child’s dad, but I want to be your president cause I want to pass healthcare reform and bring the troops home?”
Of course he had to lie about it. I understand why he did. I hate to say it but I do understand. It’s just that, I hope he didn’t tell her he was waiting till his wife died to marry her? I hope that is just rumor. Obviously, the fact that she never came out and dogged him means that there is emotion there. Certainly on her side. I will bet you money that Hunter fancies herself in love with the politician and by not revealing the identity of the father, she fancies herself “protecting” him.
Wow. Wow. Boy.
You know, what can I say? My cat is throwing up. He threw up his entire dinner, a salmon feast from Fancy Feast. So I have real problems. I can’t worry about John and Elizabeth and Rielle and the love child. I think babies are delicious. Really. They are just delicious. That is what I think. And John? I am not going to get into any ad hominem invective about John Edwards tonight. I’ve said that he is the only one who took vows to his wife and so he is responsible to her and I don’t believe in blaming women for men’s sexual conduct. Rielle did not have a marital contract with Elizabeth Edwards.
But is he paying child support? I hope to god he is paying child support if this is his baby. And trust me, he knows if it is his baby or not. He knows.
As for Rielle, I haven’t heard her come out with the book, and ratting him out and I can respect that. At least she is not some low-classed pleb giving Barbara Walters interviews. I hate that.
As for Elizabeth. I hope she fully recuperates from her cancer.
Beyond that, I have no comment. None whatsoever. Zero. Zip. Not a word from my lips.
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