LONDON: Tycoon Scot Young’s wife Michelle Young to be left homeless after the divorce

We have blogged ad nauseum about the multi-million dollar tycoon, Scot Young, a dashing Brit, and his divorce from wife Michele Young.
The last post we did, Scot had pretty much checked himself into a mental institution claiming a mental breakdown on account of the fact that the recession had resulted in him losing every red cent of his 400 million pound fortune. The judge in the case was like, “humbug! Get the cash before I throw you in the slammer in November 17, you got that sport?” Scot and his lawyers are scrambling to comply.
But it was interesting to read on Divorce-Online Blog here: that the wife and teenage daughters were served with eviction papers this week. The wife, Michelle Young, and her daughters Scarlett and Sasha are living as we speak in Regents Park North London in a rented $10,000 pound mansion. The husband, Scot, was paying the rent and he apparently stopped cause he ran out of money, so now the landlords, an American couple, have served the poor wife and daughters with eviction notices. They are going to be homeless. She should read this post:
Yikes. This is what happens when you are a stay at home mom and you let your husband control all the money, and you let yourself be totally dependent on him. I am all for the husband being the main provider in a family and for him being the head of the family and all those traditions. I’ve copped to being a bit of a traditionalist many times. I can’t help how I’m wired. But don’t be totally stupid about it. Protect yourself. Watch out for yourself. Don’t put your trust in a man 100%.
Michelle and her attorneys feel the husband is behind the eviction. In which case, this is totally humiliating and demeaning, if true. Look, as I said, I am all for marrying rich tycoons. Just today I was browsing in Bergdorf Goodman on the seventh floor and I just thought, “damn, I need me a tycoon!” It’s the kind of place that, you know, Ruth Madoff would have shopped at before Bernie so spectacularly went belly up. Look, the rich are definitely different and they live well and it’s nice. It’s got to be.
But one has to protect one’s position from the start. Know what is going on during the marriage. Don’t leave everything in your husband’s hands and in his name. what is wrong with you? Insist on some things being in your name. If you don’t understand about money, take classes to learn. Protect yourself and your interest and that of the kids. Don’t sit back on your settee and be pampered and taken care of like a little girl/princess and be clueless about what is going on around you.
If a divorce ends your marriage, it is very easy for the person holding the purse strings to manipulate things and completely destroy you if he or she has the mindset to do that. I see too many affluent wives in this predicament. They are just so clueless and there is no reason for it or excuse for it. We don’t live in the Victorian Era. Women can educate themselves and arm themselves for marital/divorce combat by taking classes, paying attention and getting involved. This notion of “oh, my husband will take care of me,” is just brainless. It really is. I hate to sound mean, but it is totally brainless in this day and age and there is no excuse for this behavior. It only harms the woman in the end. Wake up! Stop sitting back on your laurels and putting your entire life and livelihood into the hands of a man. Otherwise you have results like Michele Young. Homelessness, degradation, poverty, the works.
There just is no excuse for this.
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