UK: 10 reasons why Guy Ritchie thinks ex wife Madonna is "retarded"

1. She let a REAL man slip through her hands.
2. She got linked to a ball player who was not half as macho as her own husband.
3. She wanted more kids at her not so tender age and she insisted on adopting orphans from abroad when there were so many right there in England.
4. Jesus
5. Kaballah
6. She called him a retard first.
7. She worked out so much there was never any time for sex- which he wanted a lot more of – and when she did give him a little bit, well, she was prissy about it.
8. She’s a “cougar” who makes him feel old even though he’s a decade younger than she.
9. She insisted on prancing around half naked in front of teenagers all over the world.
10. She called his bluff with the divorce (Madonna, he didn’t really mean it. He just wanted you to wake up to the fact that he wasn’t feeling all that happy! He still loves you, you fool!!!)