MINNESOTA: auto millionaire Denny Hecker lied on his financial affidavit in divorce court according to wife Tamitha

Minnesota auto mogul Denny Hecker is in trouble with the bankruptcy trustee after his June 7 chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. He has basically been claiming that he’s no longer rich. He’s poor. Broke. But he may be in more trouble than the trouble he’s already in with the IRS and others  if wife Tamitha has her way according to the Twin Cities Press: http://www.twincities.com/topstories/ci_13510726
Seems Denny’s been trying to wiggle out of paying interim spousal support (citing bankruptcy) even though he’s been living large with his live in girlfriend, a gal by the name of Christi Rowan. This according to Tamitha who is clearly of the opinion that her husband is still filthy rich.
In a recent motion, Tamitha and her attorneys are asking the Minnesota Superior Court to take a look at Denny’s lifestyle during the interim divorce period, and post his bankruptcy filing. Seems Denny and his girlfriend recently took at $10,000 vacation to Waikiki. Plus, he paid his criminal attorney a $250,000 retainer. Then, he supposedly scheduled a face lift (not sure if it was for him or Christi but based on his pic, it could be for him – see link above for Hecker’s pic). The face lift was to cost about $10,000.
Seems Denny’s been ordered to pay about $7,500 in interim spousal support but he is saying he can’t pay it. Tamitha is having trouble understanding his lavish lifestyle in light of the fact that he claims he can’t afford the interim support. On top of it all, Tamitha claims that his girlfriend is sporting an eye-popping diamond engagement ring. How can he afford all that if he is so broke?
Christi, according to the Twin Cities report, says the ring in question is cubic zirconia.
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You just can’t make this stuff up.
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