OHIO: Identical twin pediatricians charged with pedophilia

oskay's photostream flickr
oskay's photostream flickr

Unmarried identical twins Mark and Scott Blankenburg, 53, of Hamilton, Ohio, have been charged with dastardly acts of pedophilia with young boys (some of whom were in their custody as patients);  providing drugs to underage boys and a host of other unmentionables. Says ABC News:

a search of the men’s home and office revealed thousands of photos of teen boys, including “316 photographs of one kid basically bending over.” Prosecutors charge that the photos and the graphic sexual fantasies demonstrate an unhealthy obsession with young boys — one that spilled over into criminal behavior.

Boy. Hopeful this is one big mistake. When you think about being a custodial parent of a child and taking your child to someone who is a pedophile who could do the things these men are accused of, I mean, wow. It leaves you speechless. It really does.
Read the article here: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/mark-scott-blankenburg-identical-twins-charged-pedaphelia/story?id=8775793