WASHINGTON: Why Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win is good for the divorce rate

Let’s face it. You can only win the Peace Prize if you are a bit of a pacifist. Pacifists, by and large, hate war and hate strife and hate hate. Their whole raison d’etre is to spread peace, joy and forgiveness. And isn’t that what is needed in more marriages? Divorces occur when people are constantly in combat mode. They fight. They hate. They can’t forgive. Obama is all about disarmament, and listening, and not throwing his weight around, and inclusion and love. Plus, he is such a good example to husbands of how to treat their wives. He really seems like he respects his wife and puts her above all others and above all things – a sure recipe for a happy marriage that eschews even thoughts of divorce.
I think if more married people look at Obama as a benchmark of how to live peacefully with their spouse, there will be less marriages  divorces….
What the hell am I talking about? I dunno. It’s rainy. I’m listening to some Jazz at the moment. Just saw that he won the Peace Prize. And I am trying to find a divorce angle so cut me some slack.
What about you? Won any prizes lately? Well, if not, you’ve come to the right place. I haven’t won any prizes lately either. So we can commiserate? Well, hopefully, your day is going well and your marriage is not on the rocks cause if it is, I have to say, Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize probably won’t help you a damn. Have some warm cocoa with a tiny little bit of sugar in it. It always makes me feel wonderful on days like this. 🙂