Health care reform + Divorce = health insurance will stay in tact?

health careWill health care reform impact divorcing couples? I am just wondering whether anyone knows how the current proposed reform bill on health care will affect divorcing couples, if at all? Right now in New York, a spouse is under no obligation to continue to cover a former spouse after a divorce. The most they are required to do by law, is sign whatever needs to be signed so the spouse can get COBRA if the spouse elects to get COBRA. But the spouse will have to pay their own premiums and this is very expensive. I am wondering if there is anything in the proposed bill that will change that situation? Does anyone out there who reads this blog know the answer to that?
P.S. why are some fringe folks so opposed to reform? I don’t get it.
Update, I just found this blog about health care premiums/insurance. It is in Pennsylvania, but I am sure with the reforms something like this will be a national option. Check it out here:
Originally published August 14, 2009
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