NEW YORK: Will Charlene Marshall divorce Brooke Astor's son Anthony Marshall now that he's been convicted?

Charlene Marshall may want to move for an annulment or divorce from hubby Anthony Marshall Astor right away. If not, she could be locked into marriage to him for the next 3 years. Poor Mr. Marshall has been convicted along with his attorney of, I guess, larceny or one of those related crimes on account of some estate shenanigans involving his late mother Brooke. Now, he’s facing imprisonment in his own private Alcatraz. alcatraz
More than likely, Anthony will be incarcerated for more than 3 years but Charlene can only get a divorce on the basis of imprisonment after year three of consecutive lock up.
Don’t get me wrong. I saw the pictures of Charlene and Anthony holding hands like power-rebels right before the verdict was handed down. They looked like a team, without a doubt. She did not abandon her man on the court house steps. No way. She stood by him and she held his hand tight and in that photo I saw a woman who was saying very clearly, “don’t worry Tony, I’m here for you. Don’t be afraid. They can’t hurt you. I won’t let them hurt you or us. You are innocent. You didn’t do anything wrong and justice will prevail and I will be with you always, and….”
But then the gavel came down. And the jury had decided. And now he is facing 7 years in prison for basically stealing several millions of dollars from his mother, the late 105 year old socialite, Brooke Astor.
It went through my head that, you know, omg, maybe Charlene may want to get out now, before he starts to serve his sentence. What grounds could she use? Well, for a divorce I would say…cruel and inhuman treatment. What else will get her out that doesn’t have a time component or proof problems? If she goes for an annulment she can use his criminal activities, fraud, any of those grounds….Well, actually she can still move for the annulment even after he starts serving his sentence. Because in theory, she only just now discovered the fraud and the crimes. So it’s not like an annulment would be time barred by laches.
But if she wants a divorce, which, frankly, is easier to prove, she needs to move now on the basis of cruelty and not wait till he is imprisoned in which case she would have to wait 3 years before she can move on the basis of imprisonment.
She seems way younger than the octogenarian Anthony. I am guessing she is in her sixties or so. In which case, she can do another husband I’m sure. If all the reports I’ve read about her are true (did she really bring luxury cushions in a monogrammed handbag to court and spread them under her padded buttocks?!) it seems she’s been in this thing for the money from the start and her husband was pretty much signing everything over to her, including stuff like a house in Maine, that should have been bequeathed to Brooke’s grandson – Marshall’s son by another marriage, Phillip. Plus, a Daily News article back in the Spring this year stated that Brooke once gave Annette de la Renta a $75,000 necklace because she “didn’t want Charlene to have it.”
So Charlene seems to be Public Enemy number one in Brooke’s circles but only because it seems folks felt she was “Ms. Piggy” and she was only in it for the money; and that in fact, it was her greed that drove Marshall to rob his own mother. If I’m not mistaken, one of Anthony’s sons even said that Charlene should have been charged with a crime just like their father was.
In which case, I am wondering whether she ever loved her husband? And if she didn’t, I am wondering if she will jump ship now that he’s convicted? I mean, the man is in his eighties. He’s pretty much finished. Jail is going to kill him for sure. So then, maybe Charlene will just divorce him now and move on and marry somebody else. If that is what she plans to do, I would advise her to do it now and claim cruelty for “lying to her about his financial dealings and causing stress in her life and blaming her for his greed” and whatever else her lawyers can cook up.
Although, I must say, even to me, this would seem very, very callous if she did that. If she left him now. And I don’t really believe she was in it for the money. I mean, I don’t know. I would have to get more facts. But she looked like she got his back in those press images on the day of the conviction.