Ann Landers divorce story hits stage

The glamorous Ann Landers/Eppie Lederer was a legendary American advice columinist who was married for over 30 years to¬† Budget Rent A Car mogul Jules Lederer and when they divorced in the 70’s, it was a big deal because she used to be so “anti-divorced” and she used to give all this advice on how to stay married (she reminds me of me!). She wrote a divorce column about it – read by millions – and put it beautifully: “[this is] a memorial to one of the world’s best marriages that didn’t make it to the finish line.”¬† Her husband had left her for a younger woman with whom he later had a child. They remained friends till they died even though the never got back together. There was no War of the Roses divorce for those two.
Anyways. Her life story is now a stage play according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.
-Jeannie Goldstein for Divorce Saloon