FLORIDA: Golfer Greg Norman's divorce from Chris Evert and what is says about blended families

golfPeople.com has a great piece about some reasons the Norman/Evert marriage may have imploded. For starters, there is some suggestion that Chris Evert may have been having a “midlife crisis.”
Says the People article:

“Chris had a midlife crisis and came out of it totally turned on by Greg’s celebrity, gorgeous looks and bank account,” says a south Florida friend of the couple. “They didn’t take time to get to know each other. Both of them are narcissistic and want to control. In a celebrity marriage, only one person can be like that.” [GSMITHBOOK]

However, it seems the root problem had to do with the couple’s children. There were five children between them and four parents (Greg, Chris, Laura and Andy Mill) and things didn’t always run smoothly according to People. It seems Greg had some trouble with boundaries and he often,¬†allegedly, got in between Andy and his sons.

“On one occasion, Andy flew from his Aspen home to Boca Raton to spend time with his sons, and before Andy even touched ground, Greg whisked Nicky off in his private jet. He took him to his own ranch in Colorado, leaving a very unhappy Andy crying on the phone to his son.” Another time, Norman told Colton that he needed to spend time with him instead of going to a planned meeting with his own father.¬†PEOPLE.COM

Plus, on the other side of the coin, Gregs two kids never truly warmed up to Chris. So it seems the Norman/Evert nuptials were doomed from the start. Says People:

Friends close to the high-profile sports legends, both 54, say many of their problems involved interactions with each other’s children. Evert has three sons, Alex, 17, Nicky, 15, and Colton, 13, with ex-husband Andy Mill, the retired Olympic skier who was best friends with Norman; Norman has two children, Megan, 26, and Greg Jr., 23, with ex-wife Laura Andrassy

This is too bad. They should read this blog http://helpguide.org/mental/blended_families_stepfamilies.htm
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