FLORIDA: What will golf pro Greg Norman have to pay wife Chris Evert for a divorce? He paid ex wife Laura Andrassy $103M!

Wow. I didn’t realize that Greg Norman had such a high net worth. He won a couple of golf championships, true, but homeboy was rolling in dough! When you consider that he paid ex wife and flight attendant Laura Andrassy $103 million in 2007 as a divorce settlement, you know the boy was filthy rich. Not rich like new Forbes “billionaire” Tiger Woods. But rich nonetheless.
I wonder what his settlement with Chris Evert will look like? I dug up a report in the Palm Beach Post archives about the Norman/Andrassy settlement:

The document also reads that Andrassy is scheduled to receive another $30.2 million over 15 years. She gets more: $17.5 million from the sale of the former couple’s beachfront home on Jupiter Island; a $4 million home in Palm Beach; and $466,000 from a retirement account. Andrassy also gets back $500,000 worth of jewelry as well as her $250,000 investment in an interior design company, among other baubles.
The settlement could be one of Martin County’s highest postnup paydays and among the top 20 in South Florida. In the 25 years he was married to Andrassy, Norman parlayed his golf fame into several business ventures under his nickname Great White Shark, including a vineyard in his native Australia, real estate and clothing.

Meanwhile, Greg and new wife Chris Evert and his ex wife Laura Andrassy and Chris’ ex husband, Olympic Skier Andy Mill, all used to be friends. They used to take family vacations with each other. And when Evert divorced Mill in 2006, she paid him a $7 million settlement. What does that tell you? It tells you that Norman is way more affluent than Evert. So if anyone is going to pay alimony in the Norman/Evert divorce, it’s going to be Norman.
The question now becomes, what would Evert be entitled to? The marriage didn’t even last 2 years. (Slightly embarrassing, eh?) So how much of his networth reasonably accrued during the marriage? Because that is the standard, obviously. It’s not that he’s wealthier, so therefore he pays her through the nose the way he paid Andrassy. It’s a question of the duration and length of the marriage. Andrassy and Norman were married more than 20 years it seems. But his marriage to Chris Evert lasted about 15 months. I don’t think that entitles her to much.
Plus, I am sure they had a prenup. But wait. Depending on the wording of the prenup, she still might do much better than if they didn’t have one. In other words, after 15 months of marriage, he probably would pay her half (at most) of the interest on his properties/assets. You figure he’s worth about $150 million. What is the interest on that in a year? What is half of that number. That would be the most Evert would be entitled to in my opinion, even in Florida. So, if we assume a 10% return on investment, he probably made about $15M during the marriage. Half of that is about $7.5M. That is what Evert would get with no prenup. Tops.
But. If there was a prenup, it may have said he would pay her $25M or something like that. If there was no “time” element (example, after 10 years of marriage wife will receive $25 million; after 1 year of marriage wife receives $1 million; something like that…..) then more than likely she would walk away from this marriage with more if she had a prenup, than if she didn’t.
………….I wonder if he regrets leaving Andrassy for Evert?……….if I wasn’t clear with the amount Andrassy got, the quote above does not include the $103 million total package. Here’s another excerpt from the Palm Beach article:

Andrassy received a first payment Sept. 13. On the check: $50,000,000 – her half of an investment fund.