FLORIDA: Is Laura Andrassy gloating about Greg Norman's divorce from Chris Evert?

Laura Andrassy cannot possibly be saddened by the demise of her ex husband, golfer Greg Norman’s marriage to her former friend Chris Evert, in just 15 short months of holy, UNHAPPY matrimony. Andrassy may not admit it. She may take her gloating to her grave. But she is secretly gloating that Greg’s marriage to Chris Evert didn’t work out. I would bet money on it! And they’ve been miserable from the get go because when you figure that after only 15 months they are SEPARATED? And you figure it takes about a year of misery for people to take steps to divorce? They didn’t get past the three month honeymoon. That marriage was in trouble from day one. 
When you consider the fact that the foursome (Andrassy, Norman, Evert and Evert’s husband Andy Mill) used to take “family vacations” together only to have those two turn around and divorce each their spouses and marry each other? That’s a fighting act. That’s in your face. That is a big, big problem. And check it out: their children never forgave them for that. There are tons of credible reports that it was on account of the kids that the marriage spontaneously combusted. How can the children get comfortable in a situation like this? They were used to their parents being friends, having these folks visit their homes, having things a certain way. Then Chris and Greg decided to mix it up, mix business with pleasure and start having whoopie on everybody. It was a bad weird brew from the start. How could they reasonably have expected to be happy?
Laura must have taken it badly-the divorce from Greg. She was married to Greg for over 20 years, after all. She gave him two beautiful kids. A woman doesn’t just give up 20 of her best years to a man only to have the Chris Evert’s of the world sashay in at the 11th hour and marry him off. No matter how many millions of dollars he paid her, Laura must have been heartbroken by this situation with her husband. And humiliated. And not just a little bit angry at Chris.
Now, she’s probably just keeping quiet. And if she must say something, she says something like, “this is none of my business.” Or “I’ve moved on.” Or “I wish them well.”
But trust me when I say this. Laura Andrassy is gloating secretly in her heart. She’s laughing. Gleeful. She’s saying, “I told you so!” And she’s thinking, “I was a much better woman for you than she ever was on her best day, you damn fool!!!”
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