ITALY:Berlusconi's legal troubles trump his divorce action

Berlusconi pic rogimmi's photostream
Berlusconi pic rogimmi's photostream

Timesonline is reporting that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is getting deeper and deeper into hot water; so much so that his divorce from wife Veronica Lario is quickly becoming the least of his problems.
Did Veronica put a jinx on him? It sure seems that way because now he’s up on all these legal troubles, including bribery charges and maybe even fraud; and accusations that he has ties to the mob. With the way things are going now with law enforcement around the world, he ought to be very careful that he doesn’t end up in prison or something. Look at Roman Polanski. Sure, the context is different, but the end result is not dissimilar. Surely, Berlusconi has not done anything wrong and his daughter has said it’s pretty much a right-wing (or is it left-wing?) conspiracy to undo the will of the electorate by having her father removed from office by accusing him of high crimes and misdemeanors. And maybe it’s true.
But the thing is, one can’t help thinking, “if only he hadn’t stepped out on his wife the spotlight wouldn’t have shone on him like this.”
Yes, his troubles can definitely be codified as the “Lario Jinx.” That is exactly what it is and when the dust clears, he will be TOTALLY unraveled. Guaranteed.