KUALA LUMPUR: The divorce honeymoon takes a bow

Call me prescient, but back in March of this year, it occurred to me that folks ought to take divorce honeymoons like the one Jen Aniston and Brad Pitt took in 2005. Now, I’ve learned that in Malaysia,

MVI~ (in Bangkok 4 Climate Nego)'s photostream
MVI~ (in Bangkok 4 Climate Nego)'s photostream

the government is doing exactly that. Here is an article in Today’s Reuters. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20091012/od_nm/us_honeymoon about this very issue!
In Kuala Lumpur, an Islamic state, btw, the divorce rate is apparently on the rise and folks are alarmed about this. Alarmed enough that “Malaysia’s eastern state of Terengganu is offering free honeymoons worth up to $440 each to rekindle the romance between married couples on the brink of divorce.”
This new offer follows a pilot program a few years ago when the country made a similar offer to 25 couples on the brink of divorce.

“We can understand newlyweds having problems understanding one another, where a slight skirmish could lead to a separation but it is unacceptable for those married more than two decades to file for divorce,” the paper quoted Terengganu Welfare Community Development and Women Affairs committee chairman, Ashaari Idris, as saying.

It’s an interesting concept whose time has come in my opinion. Read my take on the Rhapsody of a Divorce Honeymoon here: http://www.divorcesaloon.com/the-rhapsody-of-the-divorce-honey-moon-how-to-end-a-marriage-lovingly