NORTH LONDON: HSBC banker Neil Ellerbeck cleared of murdering his adulterous wife

Murder and divorce in UK Neil-Ellerbeck

A City banker who strangled his unfaithful wife in a jealous rage because she had demanded a costly divorce was cleared of murder yesterday. Neil Ellerbeck, 46, showed no emotion as he was instead found guilty of manslaughter by a jury who did not believe that he intended to kill her.

The denouement of this international case of the high intrigue, involving adultery, jealousy and murder is that the husband walks away with a slap on the wrist for “manslaughter.” What was his motive for this extraordinary act? Says the Times:

He discovered that she was having at least two affairs and planned to divorce him. Despite having amassed nearly £1 million, he feared that she would take half the family’s money.

It appears the jury understood what would drive a man to strangle his wife after learning that she had been cheating with him with at least 3 other men – especially one who feared she would divorce him and take all the money. The jury was able to find it in their hearts to forgive Neil Ellerbeck.
After all, he was a top banker in the UK, (he was the former chief of global investment at HSBC Asset Management) had secretly recorded his wife’s trysts over the course of several months. He had about 120 hours of tape of her sexually explicit phone conversations with other men. It was totally understandable how he could snap and strangle her to death in the jury’s view, it seems.
The tragedy itself occurred on morning during an argument between the couple. They  have two children, and it was a fight over which school one of the girls should attend, that Neil allegedly took his wife by the neck and squeezed her till she basically was asphyxiated. Ellerbeck told the court:

 Ellerbeck told the court: “I just wanted to keep her down until she calmed down. I was pushing her face away from biting me. It was a case of constantly applying and releasing pressure all the way through.”

Afterwards, he basically left her on the floor of their North London home and went out to pick up the kids and call his girlfriend. (Yes, it appears he was also cheating on his wife with a young hottie named Julie Ring.) Seems now he is free to be with her, eh?
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