NEW YORK: Why Trump v. Kushner will never be a divorce caption

 Ivanka Trump had an excerpt from her book: The Trump Card: Playing to win in work and life. She excerpted chapter 11, Going It Alone, and it occurred to me that there was some counter-irony there in that title. She’ll never divorce Jared. Or whatever her husband’s name is. You see, the Kushner/Trump marriage will be one etched in stone. Neither of them will ever leave the other. Why do I say this? Well, a number of reasons…exactly why I’m talking about Ivanka Trump is beyond me at this point. But these are the reasons I think she and Jared(?) will never divorce:
1. They are financial equals. They are both billionaires’ kids so money is not going to be a problem in that marriage as it is in many marriages. Ivanka and her family seem pretty set. As does Jared’s. Of course, some key aspects of Jared’s portfolio are in trouble such as a building he bought in Manhattan, 666 Fifth Avenue, if one is to believe published reports on the matter. Reports are that because of the economy, Kushner stands to possibly lose the building and default on the mortgage in about a year unless he puts up more capital from his personal vaults (this situation may have resolved itself by now, who knows?) Also, he is the owner of the New York Observer. And while this brings new respectability to the Kushner name after his father’s legal problems and imprisonment for a bunch of shocking misdeeds, it is not exactly adding anything tangible to the Kushner bottom line if you catch my drift.
Still, Jared and Ivanka should be able to keep paying their own personal mortgage and eat well. Ivanka has her own business interest and partnered up with Israeli diamond dealer whatshisface? (sorry, can’t remember folks) for her store on Madison which was opened up a couple of years back. Plus, she has a stake in her father’s empire, to be sure. And her mother’s too. And her book mentioned above was supposedly a best seller. So I doubt that money will be the thing to unravel these two love birds the way it unravels a lot of other folks.
2. Ivanka had the foresight to convert to Judaism since the Kushners “take their Jewishness very seriously.” For this reason, her marriage to Jared is likely to stand the test of time. Religion, like money, can be a real deal breaker in a marriage – unless one of the parties convert. It is not unusual that the person who converts is the wife in this scenario. But not all wives want to convert, obviously, so it says a lot about Ivanka that she was so willing to convert.  It is not just that she converted to Judaism, it is that she converted to Conservative Judaism (or was it Orthodox? Or Reform? Or what?) that is remarkable. For that reason alone, Jared couldn’t possiblydivorce her. He is under pressure to make this happen and make it work because, look at all she did to be with him?  And for the same reason, they would never divorce. It would be unforgivable if he ever asked for a divorce after this because Ivanka has really put her money where her mouth is by going through the ringer and converting like that, changing like that. Just call her the religious proselytizer. And she did it for love. After all, even for Jews marrying other Jews who are not Orthodox, or conservative or reform or whatever, it is a big deal. Ivanka wasn’t a Jew and she was willing to make this major conversion. That goes to the level of her commitment to this man and this marriage and will be a strong buffer against divorce.
3. They are equally driven in their careers and while that could be a problem in some marriages, they have seemingly turned it into an asset. Ivanka talks about how dedicated Jared is to his work. He even works Sundays. She admires that because she may have the workaholic gene too. There is always a slight chance that because they are both so driven they will hardly see each other and they will grow apart. But chances are, this is more of a plus than it is a minus for these two.
4. The families approve of the union. Ivanka hangs out with Jared’s mother and sisters and attends religious functions with them. One never hears any badmouthing in the press by the sisters or by Ivanka against each other. That is very telling and it is very decisive. Families can completely destroy marriages with their lack of approval. This marriage will be strengthened by the support and by what seems to be mutual regard and even love, and so a divorce is less likely than if the alternative scenario existed.
5. They have separate interests and appear not to be professionally competitive with each other.  Ivanka is on the record as having said that her father and mother work together and she does not intend to go into business with Jared. That way, they both can keep a bit of the mystique, which is a good brew for a long term marriage. Mystique, that is.
6. They are over 25. Statistics show that those who enter into marriage under the age of 25 have a higher rate of divorce. While Jared and Ivanka are both still relatively young, presumably, they know themselves and each other and they know what they want out of life and a partner. This reduces the likelihood of a divorce.
7. Ivanka is willing to “submit” to Jared. She has said, “I look up to him; he’s my hero.”  Surely, Ivanka had her pick of Park Avenue heirs and Wall Street hedgies. But she chose Jared. It must be love. They both seem to be equally enamored and smitten by the other. While many successful marriages are “arrangements” which have little to do with “romantic love”, many love marriages do stand the test of time. And those that do tend to have both genders playing traditional roles – meaning man is the head, woman submits. Woman looks up to man. Woman “cooks” for man (Ivanka is on the record as saying that she has “learned how to cook”) and other such traditional role playing. That will work in their favor in preventing divorce.
8. They both seem virile and are outwardly very attractive so adultery seems all but impossible with these two.
9. There is no huge discrepancy in their ages. These May/December marriages don’t tend to last all that long unless the woman is Asian (Murdoch and Deng, for example, have a huge age gap but their marriage will probably also stand the test of time.)
10. They both want kids and are very close to their own families (baby Arabella proves it) Jared and his father seem to share an exceptionally close relationship; and Ivanka has she already said that she knew Jared would be a “great dad.”
For the foregoing 10 reasons, I don’t think there will ever be a Trump v. Kushner divorce case on the dockets of any court anywhere in this lifetime. Stranger things have happened. Look at Brad and Jen. But I strongly doubt it. I really do.  She will never have to “go it alone” once she slips Jared’s wedding band on her finger.
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