UTAH: David Archuleta's parents file for divorce

Breaking Divorce News
David Archuleta, American Idol superstar bar one,  must be very sad tonight. Breaking divorce news in several different media outlets reveal that his parents are getting divorced weeks after his father was ALLEGEDLY busted in a sting operation in a massage parlor and charged with solicitation.
Radar Online has a copy of the divorce petition here:  http://www.radaronline.com/sites/default/files/ArchuletaDivorce.pdf
It is a no fault, uncontested divorce it seems; David’s dad James Archuleta is the plaintiff and his wife Lupe Marie is the defendant. The Archuletas don’t seem to have much by way of assets. Mr. Archuleta’s monthly salary is under $4000 and Mrs. Archuleta’s has earning capacity of about $1000 per month. She is to get sole custody of 3 of their five children, and to pay him child support for the times they are visiting with their father.
They have a marital residence which is expected to be sold and the proceeds split amongst the parties. The residence is located at 1348 East 11570 South in Sandy Utah.