How to keep "Slutlana" from stealing your husband

Image credits: worak's photostream flickr
Image credits: worak's photostream flickr

BRITAIN: This month’s Tatler Magazine had a controversial article on this secret battle in Britain between “Slutlanas” and the “Britlanas”. From my reading, it sounds like “Slutlanas” are imports – immigrant women from Eastern bloc countries (not my words, theirs) – and Britlanas are the more wholesome English lasses who are finding these foreign interlopers increasingly threatening as far as stealing their “rich English men” by using overt sexual tactics, such as dressing like “sluts” and “tarts” in super short skirts and over revealing appendages. It seems English men (the rich ones in particular) can’t get enough of these gals.
From my reading of the article in this month’s Tatler (by the way, Tatler is the Magazine for British society and the upper crust society girls who matter) the only way that the Brits are going to compete with the sluts, in the author’s opinion, is to dress like sluts and tarts themselves.
So, apparently, that is exactly what is happening right now in London as we speak. All the smart, English ladies and lasses have begun to dress and look like “sluts” so that they can hang on to their men and keep these imported “slutlanas” from stealing people’s husbands and boyfriends.
Haven’t been in London in a few years at least, but always intrigued by the trend-setting Londoners, I find myself wondering: is this true? Have the English “Georginas from Gloustershire” had to resort to this form of debased form of attire just to keep their foreign-born, leggy nemesises at bay? And if true, is that the solution for women the world over? Is that the secret to hanging on to one’s man in the post-Iraq Era? Do we, like the trendsetting Britlanas have to start rolling up our skirts to the point of exposing our nether parts; and stepping out in 5 inch stilettos, and having our bosoms up to our chins just to keep these female barracuda’s whether Slutlanas, Britlanas or whateverlanas away from our men?