NEW YORK: Celeb chef Todd English's fiancee Erica Wang beats him with Chopard timepiece

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I am in the middle of making yam pancakes for a little supper party I am throwing tonight with a couple of friends and am fetlock deep in yam/flour/egg/cinnamon batter (my poor cat reeks of fried yams for chrissakes!) but I am a multi-tasker by definition so I thought I’d throw up a post while I wait for my pancake to brown.
So where are we? Well, it seems Asian beauty Erica Wang did not take lightly to being jilted by her husband to be celeb chef Todd English. The two went to bat over a prenup and when the dust cleared, Todd had to get multiple stitches for cuts he sustained as result of the ALLEGED assault from an incensed Wang.
The petite 33 year old just didn’t like the terms of the agreement it seems. But she could be facing several years in prison as a result of her understandable momentary lapse:

Erica Wang, 33, was arraigned on assault and weapon possession charges in Manhattan Criminal Court for a beating that left English with an eye gash and seven stitches, according to court papers.
The petite Wang could face seven years in prison for the Sept. 15 attack with a metal Chopard timepiece.

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