CANADA/LOS ANGELES/VEGAS: Sheldon Souray and Baywatch Babe Angelica Bridges' divorce/custody battle gets dirty

Image credits: Angelica Bridges pic by rossingen's photostream flickr
Image credits: Angelica Bridges pic by rossingen's photostream flickr
A number of news sources are claiming that hockey sensation Sheldon Souray, and ex wife former Baywatch babe Angelica Bridges, are about to blow up with one of the messiest divorce/custody battles in NHL history. This whole thing got started when Angelica sued her husband for special damages on account of what she says was chicanery on his part in getting her to sign off on divorce papers months before he got a multimillion dollar pay raise. He claims that this is about her involvement in an Adult themed show at the Luxor night club in Vegas.
Bridges is dubbed “The Cougar of the Year” by Celebrity Writer Robin Leach who writes a popular blog about Vegas and whose exclusive interview with Bridges is said to have erupted an international media storm. Leach clearly has a soft spot for Bridges. Says Leach on

Angelica Bridges grew up in a small Missouri town of just 150 people. She was involved in the Bible-belt Miss Missouri Teen Pageants, so when the redheaded knockout went topless for a sexy magazine photo shoot, not only did it shock her family, but she also broke every taboo in the book back home!

Leach goes on to talk about the fact that the Family Court judge has given small town girl, Bridges, sole custody and so it would behoove Souray to return the children to Los Angeles unless he wants to be in contempt of court. (Which could also mean kidnapping charges and a whole other set of dramatic events I am sure nobody wants)
Souray plays for the Oilers in Canada. He is nicknamed Studly Wonderbomb by fans. He and Angelica were on/off for a while. Angelica claims that after a year off, he woed her back and tricked her into signing off on a divorce in anticipation of a new contract he was to sign with the Oilers that was worth in excess of $25 million dollars. Angelica is also claiming that Souray has taken the children or kept the children in Canada without her consent and is threatening not to send them back to the U.S.
Says Celeb gossip site TMZ:

According to the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Anjelica Bridges claims Edmonton Oilers defenseman Sheldon Souray got her to fall back in love with him after a year long separation — then coerced her into signing divorce papers by saying they just needed a fresh start.

Angelica has legal custody of the kids and she still receives $18,000 per month from her NHL ex hubby for their financial needs and care, per the order of a Los Angeles Family Court judge. But Souray has taken matters into his own hands because, apparently, Souray has doubts about his ex-wife’s ability to be an appropriate custodial parent for the children. To wit: her employment by a Vegas adult revue show Fantasy at the Luxor. (Well, there is some question if Angelica is still employed with the adult-themed production according to a report published today in the Las Vegas Sun. Says John Katsilometes of the Sun in today’s paper:

In the latest ripple in Luxor’s adult revue, which is action-packed both on and off the stage, it was announced today by show producer Anita Mann that Bridges would not be part of the show until further notice. Mann said this evening that child-custody issues surfaced between Bridges and her ex-husband, Sheldon Souray of the Edmonton Oilers, that prevented Bridges from fulfilling her commitment to perform Thursday night. She was present at the Hard Rock Hotel’s VIP gala event Thursday night, but her plans to attend the performance of “Fantasy” changed after that event and before the show. The family concerns led her to inform Mann that she would need to leave the production at least temporarily.)

Never one to shy away from publicity, Ms. Bridges posted a notice on her facebook page regarding the marital dispute:

The ex is threatening to not return the children and keeping them in Canada. I need some help with this. He has gone crazy!!! I feel like I am in a living nightmare.

Stay tuned. Something tells us this story is just getting started.
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