COLORADO: Will Reality Star Richard Heene's arrest strain marriage?

balloon2It is anticipated that Richard Heene, father of Balloon boy Falcon Heene, will be arrested on account of what is being dubbed “the Balloon Boy Hoax”
Turns out there’s a lot to the Heenes than originally thought. For one thing, TLC is saying that they turned down a pitch for a reality show by Mr. Heene months ago, in favor of Jon and Kate Plus 8.

Guess Mr. Heene and wife Mayumi were trying to make some cash. Can’t blame em’. Who isn’t trying to make a little cash these days? But to pretend your youngster was trapped in an airborne helium balloon? That’s a bit much don’t you think?
By the time this is all over (Child Welfare Services has gone to investigate), I wouldn’t be surprised if they also got a divorce.
Which is too bad cause they look so happy together.