NEW YORK: Raj and Asha Rajaratnam’s 3 kids could lose their inheritance

The Rajaratnam children in pauperis?
iindan kidsRaj and Asha Rajaratnam, are a couple worth in excess of $1 billion dollars according to Forbes’ List of billionaires. They have three children and they live on Sutton Place in Manhattan with their children and Raj’s elderly parents. The Rajaratnams seem to be a very close knit family that was centered around the patriarch, Raj Rajaratnam. But all that may change if the federal probe into his insider trading activities lead to a conviction for insider trading.
Raj, manager of hedge fund Galleon Group, was profiled in the book “The New Investment Superstars”
– 13 great investors and their strategies for superior returns in 2001.
He has been revered on Wall Street for years as a master investor first as the President and CEO of Needham & Company, “an investment bank focused on emerging growth companies.” At Needham, he “founded the Needham Emerging Growth Fund which he later acquired and named the Galleon Group.”
But it’s not just a Wall Street story. The couple are known throughout the entertainment and political arenas and have been very well respected and they have rubbed elbows with celebrities such as Bill Clinton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker and others through their works in philanthropy.
Through the Rajaratnam Family Foundation, Raj and Asha have invested enormously in philanthropic causes such as Harlem Children’s Zone and many causes in Sri Lanka and India that involve HIV and AIDs prevention. In 2007 they were honored by Aids Project Los Angeles, American India Foundation, and US India Business Council at Avery Fisher Hall for the works they have been doing to combat AIDs and HIV infection in India. (Sadly, India is reportedly the country with the highest HIV infection in the world at this time.)
They have been warm and wonderful and generous parents according to reports. But with all their good works, the billionaires could leave their children with very little, if any, of those billions once the legal proceedings are done with. Sad.
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