NEW YORK: The Martha Stewart/Kmart divorce comes on the heel of Danielle Chiesi's arrest for insider trading alongside Raj Rajaratnam

martha12Martha and Martha Stewart Omnimedia and Kmart have parted ways. The threesome had, what I guess you can call, a divorce. Martha put out a press release basically waxing poetic about the relationship the three had and that it was “productive” and that she wished them well post-breakup. Some speculate that Martha Stewart Omnimedia “cheated” on Kmart by courting other suitors.
In any event, it is interesting timing for Martha. Turns out just as she was divorcing Kmart for a bigger sugar daddy, her young “apprentice” Danielle Chiesi was arrested by the FBI on an insider trading probe gone bad. Chiesi, along with a bunch of big wigs from some of the world’s most prestigious institutions, and billionaire, Raj Rajaratnam, have been charged with the biggest hedge fund insider trading scam ever. They didn’t make as much money as Bernie Madoff (and Raj sure looks like an unkempt slob next to the perennially debonair Bernie), but they did rake in tens of millions in profits. ALLEGEDLY. And they are expected to do some significant time in the slammer.
What does this have to do with the Domestic Diva? Nothing. Except, as you may remember, the Domestic Diva did some time in Federal lock up for insider trading a few years ago. It didn’t break her, thankfully. She emerged a stronger, better woman for it. But Danielle is said to have been audio-taped saying, “Oh my god if word gets out my career is over. I will be Martha Fuc—-g Stewart.”
Which is ironic. Cause I don’t think Martha is in Danielle’s league if the allegations against Chiesi are true. Chiesie’s fraud was more hard core I think. More grandiose. More intentional. I mean, this is her business. She was not making sheets and getting a tip from an expert. She’s the expert. Martha can only dream of being Chiesi when Martha grows up.
But we shall see what happens to Chiesi. Let law enforcement do their bogie and then her defense attorneys will do theirs and the best man will win. I wonder who Danielle will hire to defend her? I wonder if she’s going for Ira Sorkin? I almost think she has a better shot with me. Don’t laugh. Bernie got 150 years. Food for thought, Danielle.
Okay. But what is Danielle’s divorce connection? This is a divorce blog after all?…..I can’t think of any. I can’t determine if she was married or divorced. I can’t find any divorce connections. Only tangentially through Martha who is divorcing Kmart. So that’s going to have to suffice. I mean, after all, what do you want from me, the New York frickin’ Times over here? (Yea. we know we don’t have to worry about that. :))