Diary of Asha Pabla day three: OH MY GOD JESUS HELP US!

Dear Diary,
Raj refuses to get out of bed and he refuses to eat all weekend. Today he has to go over to the office to talk to his employees. He is not very eager to do it. But he will. I know he will. My Raj is strong. He is as strong as a sacred cow.
But I keep trying to get him to eat all weekend but he refused. I want him to lose weight so that he will look nice for the cameras, but his not eating makes me nervous and sad. Plus, even though he is not eating, it seems to me almost that he is….swelling.
This situation is an enormous strain on me. I mean, they are saying my husband has ties to terrorist groups. That is not true. That is not true. My Raj loves this country. He loves humanity. He is a humanitarian. He did not do this. How can he clear his name?
I have to be strong for the entire family including Raj, my in laws and our children. And I do. I act the part. I try to keep everybody’s spirits up but it is hard. Every chance I get I escape to the rest room to cry.
I have cried so much that my face is permanently stained with tears.
What will happen to my husband? He is a competitive man, a superstar investor and now his reputation is forever tarnished which ever way this goes. How does he get his name and reputation back? He keeps trying to convince me and himself that this will blow over and that everything will be okay. But I don’t know. I feel very unsure about it. And to think the man who is bringing these charges against my husband is Indian! Preet something. His name is Preet. How can Preet do this to my Raj? How could he do this to my Rajjie?
And his lawyer. Jim Walden. He seems nice. He seems like he knows what he is talking about. But….Look at Bernie Madoff. He had the best lawyer like they said on Divorce Saloon. And he got 150 years. What will I do if my Raj gets 150 years?
It’s enough to make me convert to Christianity. And start calling on Jesus. Only he can help us now.
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(Photo by Flickr is not an image of Asha Pabla wife of Raj Rajaratnam, or anyone affiliated with the Rajaratnam scandal. We use it for illustrative purposes only and in a fictitious sense. This journal is also a work of fiction.)