INDIA: Indian School of Business ("ISB") divorces McKinsey director Anil Kumar following arrest for insider trading in New York

indianHyderabad, India
The prestigious, globally well-regarded Indian School of Business’ (“ISB”) reputation has been tarnished with the recent arrest of one of its board members, Anil Kumar, who is also senior partner at McKinsey & Co. here in the United States. The charges stem from an SEC probe and is a result of “infectious greed” spreading through Wall Street according to some bloggers’ characterization of the matter.
Anil, along with Raj Rajaratnam, Danielle Chiesi and others working for high profile companies such as Intel and IBM, was arrested last friday on an insider trading scam that has shocked the financial world from East to West.
Released on $5 million bond by the U.S. District Court in Manhattan, Mr. Kumar has been asked to “step down” by ISB. In Divorce Saloon parlance, they basically asked for a “separation”, pending the outcome of the federal probe.
It seems his marriage to McKinsey is also on the precipice. He is on a leave of absence – we are sure it is involuntary – and the firm is said to be investigating the charges feverishly.
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