NEW YORK: Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump to marry October 25, 2009 but did they sign a prenup?

NEW YORK: All indications are that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump will marry next weekend at the bride-to-be’s daddy’s golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey. (Never been there; is it nice?) A wedding banquest for 500 is planned, and even the New York Times has weighed in on their registry at William-Sonoma, Tiffany & Co. and Crate and Barrel. It sounds very low key glam and lovey-dovey to tell you the truth.
But all I can think about is, whether they signed off on a prenup or not? It would be almost inconceivable that they didn’t. Donald Trump would probably croak before he let his first daughter walk down the aisle, albeit with another billionaire’s scion, without signing a prenuptial agreement. I have read a few of his books and there is a recurrent theme that marriage is business and that failure to sign a prenup is a bad business practice. So I am sure they signed one.
But it’s interesting given that they are financial equals. Neither can be accused of being a “gold-digger.” So what does the agreement say? Bride keeps all she brought to marriage, groom keeps all he brought to marriage and they share pro rata anything they make during the marriage?
I mean, I can’t imagine there is a clause in there about alimony; maybe child support in the event they reproduce. But not alimony. Because which one of them would so demean themselves to ask for that?
I am sure the agreement goes to the unborn children and includes a clause about what their last names will be. Trump-Kushner no doubt – as opposed to TRUMP or KUSHNER alone. And of course, they will be raised Orthodox Jews. I am sure that is in the prenuptial agreement. And they likely will attend Hebrew school according to the stipulation of their parents.
Yea. But Orthodox, huh? Wow. When you convert to Orthodox Judaism from Christianity for your husband, that’s intense. That is off the charts love, I would surmise. You really shouldn’t need a prenup with committment like that.