PARIS: French First Lady Carla Bruni cops to 8 years of psychoanalysis – strengthens her marriage to Sarkozy?

carla bruniFirst Lady of France Carla Bruni Sarkozy, a bon vivant who has been called a “man-eater” by one of her romantic rivals, has copped to getting psycho-analysis for the past 8 years, starting after the death of her father. Presumably, this helps rather than hurts her marriage to French President Nicolas Sarkozy? Carla has copped to being easily “bored” romantically, and has had many high profile boyfriends prior to snagging President Sarkozy. Hopefully, psycho-analysis will keep her engaged and she will never get bored enough to seek a divorce from her current husband. He seems to worship her so.
For Bruni fans, she has a new website (which crashed right after launch due to too heavy traffic) that is up and running where you can get information about the First lady’s social calendar, philanthropy, and fashion. Nothing on her intimate relationships, however. You will have to read the books written by her friends and frenemies for that.